Ceramic food making workshops & public programs

Making clay food workshop with interns Ryuichi Fujimura and Kyati Suharto at the Art Gallery of NSW, part of The Way We Eat Exhibition 2022 – art after hours, curator by Tian Zhang. Photo credit by Jenni Carter


Fairy Hands in Fox’s Lane 2022, curator by Jayanto Tan, Ryuichi Fujimura, Carlos Gomes, Kyati and Kartika Suharto in making colourful clay fortune cookies workshop, art installation and roving performance at the Fox’s Lane Ashfield Inner West Council. Photo credit by Daniel Kukec


Making colourful clay fortune cookies workshop with interns Ryuichi Fujimura and Carlos Gomes at the Campsie Street Food Festival 2022, curator by Dylan Goh. Photo credit by Jason Nichol


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