4A + I am Not A Virus Australia: No Friend But The Ghosts (Ceng Beng)

Acute Actions: Responses To I Am Not A Virus presents the work of twelve artists commissioned through Diversity Arts Australia’s I Am Not A Virus initiative. This selection represents a range of artistic practices and conceptual reflections; these include acts of processing and healing from the trauma of racial prejudice experienced by Asian people. Through ceramics, photography, performance, music, craft, and storytelling, these artists have wrestled with racial prejudice and reframed multiculturalism to reflect this new lived experience.

Curators by Con Gerakaris, Reina Takeuchi, Dylan Goh

Producer (DARTS) : Kevin Bathman

Acute Actions: Responses To I Am Not A Virus (detail)2021, 4A @ 101-111 William Street, Sydney. Jayanto Tan, No Friend But The Ghosts (Ceng Beng), 2020 – ongoing, ceramics, embroidery on found fabrics. Courtesy the artist.



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